Visit To The Mosque

Date: 29th Mar 2017 Author: Lee Woolsey

On Tuesday evening the Cubs from West Grimsby (3rd & 8th) Scout Group visited the Grimsby Mosque and Islamic Centre on Weelsby Road.

The Cubs were there learning more about Islam and to open their minds to other cultures and religions as part of their World Faith badge. The trip involved a tour around the Grimsby Mosque, were shown how to write their name’s in Arabic and took part in their own prayer led by the Imam.

Everyone at the Mosque was very welcoming and the children were shown that Islam is a very caring and peaceful religion. All the Cubs had a great time and are keen to learn more about Islam as well amongst religions in the future.

“It was awesome, I really enjoyed writing my name in Arabic and want to come again” (Ben, aged 10)

“It’s a lot different to what I thought it would be, everyone was really nice” (Caleb, aged 9)

Bev Lewis, Cub Leader for the group reflected on the evening; “As a Cub Leader I feel very strongly that children should be allowed to explore other Faiths, as it teaches them so much about other cultures and hopefully will help dispel any myths they have regarding other religions. We really enjoyed our visit and I wouldn’t hesitate to organise another trip in the future – thank you to everyone involved”

For more information about the Grimsby Islamic Culture Centre please visit


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