Cubs Try Urban Sports At Ghettopark

Date: 17th Feb 2017 Author: Lee Woolsey

On Tuesday, Cub Scouts from 3rd Cleethorpes Scout Group went down to Ghettopark in Grimsby for the night to try some urban sports.

21 young people took part in rock climbing and scooter ramps at the urban sports facility on Freeman Street, Grimsby as part of the Adventure Award that the group have been working towards. All of the Cubs had a go at tackling the challenging climbing walls at Ghettopark with several of them reaching the very top. The scooters also provided a great time with the Cubs learning how to ride the course which included many ramps and obstacles. Instructors were on hand at all time to ensure that everyone used the activities safely and provided expert guidance on how to make the most out of the sports.

All of the Cubs had a brilliant time and more activities like this have been planned for the near future.

For more information about the activities available at Ghettopark, click here:

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls